Born out of years gunning down a muddy trail. We knew that what we wore could make or break a ride. Sick of the market choices, we decided to try and break the mould with some simple material and design choices.


Back in the 70's a small group of californians started a new craze - riding their bikes offroad on the local mountains. Standard street bikes were soon modified into 'klonkers'. In the early days of mountain biking, they started competing these klonkers on a downhill trail. The traditional hub brakes got so hot that by the time they made it to the finish line all the grease had melted and the hub would need repacking - hence the trail was named 'Repack'. The original core included Charlie Kelly, Joe breeze, Gary Fisher and Thomas Ritchey. For further info check out Charlie Kellys site.

Charlie Kelly still riding repack


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Happy trails
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