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There’s a new kid block as far as mountain bike clothing is concerned. Repack Clothing have just launched with their first piece – the Berino jersey.


Fresh Goods Friday
Jersey from new brand made from 75 per cent merino and 25 per cent bamboo charcoal mix


Fresh Goods Friday
Base layer

George Budd

As the cooler mornings of Autumn and winter start to take hold, I start to reach for the 3/4 roubaix shorts and the long sleeved kit in my cycling cupboard. The full winter kit is a bit too much for this time of year, so a mid-weight jersey is a real cycling stalwart. Worn directly on the skin or over a short or long sleeve baselayer, the Repack Merino long sleeve jersey is ideal for this sort of cool climate riding and really versatile. The sizing cut is more UK than Italian; I’m usually a medium in anything continental but settled on a large in the Repack. The fit is snug and comfortable; you forget you’re wearing it which is always the biggest praise for any clothing – no nagging rubbing or bits where it doesn’t fit. The cut is ideal – the back is nice and long so you don’t get cold and the pockets are accessible when riding. The multitude of panels used, coupled with the different pieces on the elbow, make it follow your body really well. The orange zipper, matching the arm logo, really pops against the charcoal fabric and; in a first for me; a winter cycling garment looks great in a colour other than black. It’s washed well and isn’t showing any signs of pulling or bobbling. Most importantly, as the photo shows, you can sit in the café or pub (with bad helmet hair) and not look like a shrink-wrapped cyclist.

Mike Hall

Round the world by bike record holder

2013 Tour divide race winner

“I’m quite gutted I couldn’t justify taking my Repack Berino jersey which deserves a special mention as its my favourite jersey and I normally make every excuse I can to wear it but word on the trail is that its going to be a lot warmer than last time I was out there and leaving it at home saves me 200g”
See Mike’s blog,

Two customer reviews for the new Berino Jersey…

“Just got my Berino top and its looks and feels amazing. Easily as good as the Rapha tops that I have got and much cheaper. I’ve got the large size and its quite long in length so although I’m wearing it around the house it will work even better on a bike. Nice one”
Jean-Pierre Lincoln

“Simply the best MTB Jersey I have, even suitable for the cold Danish winters” Shane Duff